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How to sell your key skills when job hunting

How do you sell your strengths? Most people find it difficult to highlight and leverage their skills. The team at R2R People have created a guide to help you identify your accolades and use them effectively when job hunting.

It is important to sell your strengths as they highlight what you can bring to an organisation. Employers are always looking to strengthen their teams and find talent that fulfils their specific needs. If you can sell your strengths effectively, you will have a much better chance of landing the job.

Finding your strengths isn’t all about personality and skills tests. These are good, but they are not 100% accurate. They can be used to help identify traits and situations where you may shine or struggle.

It can be challenging to outline your strengths, but it is crucial to understand them. You can take these into job interviews and link them to workplace examples.


How to find your strengths

To leverage your strengths, you must first learn how to identify them. Think about what you enjoy and don’t enjoy. Any task that you can routinely perform is a strength, organising your workload, for example.

The more self-aware you become, the more you will understand your personality and drivers. If you struggle with this, a personality test could be a great way to get you started. If you can identify your personality type/ traits, it will become easier to outline your strengths. These tests will never be 100% accurate, although some personalities will naturally excel in certain environments.

Cast your mind back, and think over past experiences. Start to make a list of tasks where you performed well. These experiences should highlight your strengths. Remember that some may be more applicable to specific roles and organisations. it could look something like this:


Education-based skills



-Business studies



Personal skills/traits






Transferable skills

-Writing skills


-Emotional intelligence



The list above is a great representation of what your list of skills list could be.


Tips for leveraging your strengths throughout the job-hunting process

Applying for a new job may entail several stages, and you should aim to demonstrate your strengths across each section. Consider each of the headings below as your chance to showcase your abilities.



When writing your CV, add a skills section to showcase your qualifications and work-based experience. Highlight your strengths by adding a sentence or two to explain how you use your qualifications and experience in practice. For example, if you want to highlight your strength in teamwork, write about how you managed a highly successful team with an example of a specific project. Providing real-life examples will be far more impactful than a bullet point list that may look cliché.


Cover letter

When writing a cover letter, tailor your chosen skills to what the company is looking for. Demonstrate your strengths by using examples, such as “I am a creative thinker that enjoys solving problems. In my last position, I improved the customer experience by implementing a new booking system and feel I would be able to take this forward and deliver values for your customers”.


Interview stage

The interview stage will allow you to highlight your interpersonal skills. You can demonstrate your communication style and confidence by speaking clearly, making regular eye contact, and responding to the interviewer with positive body language.

The key to selling your strengths effectively is to give examples of how you put them into practice by using past experiences. Make sure you link your experiences and strengths to what the company is looking for. This will show you understand their needs and can successfully fulfil them.


If you would like to speak to a member of our team about selling your strengths or other employability skills, please get in touch.


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