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Leadership is the ability to inspire a team to achieve a shared goal. The true definition of leadership is to influence, inspire and help others become the best version of themselves. You do not have to be a CEO or manager to be a leader. Leadership is a set of skills and certain psychology that anyone can master. The quotes below offer a different perspective on what leadership can look like.


“Leadership is not a zero-sum equation. When one person harnesses their powers to lead, it strengthens the leadership opportunities of others rather than diminishing them. The ultimate definition of leadership is empowering others to become effective leaders as well. That’s why many iconic leaders have incredible mentors they cite for their success. As one person begins to embrace their role as a leader, they inevitably connect with others who have already mastered the art of leadership.” – Tony Robbins.


Stacey Trevett (Former Corporal serving 10 years in the armed forces)

“Leadership to me is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation.”


Paul Manivannan (Founder at R2R People) 

“Leadership is about having a dream and then surrounding yourself with the best people to help deliver that dream. Empowering your people to be the best version of themselves in pursuit of that dream.” 


Leadership can have a range of definitions and explanations, which is highlighted in the different quotes throughout this blog. The same themes always appear; Influencing, empowering, motivating, supporting.

There are plenty of traits that strong leaders possess. These can be traits such as being attentive and knowing your staff, which is important, as it makes your colleagues feel recognised and heard. Another is to be approachable; if people are comfortable bringing their issues and concerns, it will increase morale. There are a lot more traits that can help identify a good leader and some of these are:

– Stand out and be visible

– Be honest/transparent

– Be positive and offer solutions

– Assertive

– Focused

– Strong communicator

– Reliable

– Trustworthy



Paul Manivannan (Founder at R2R People)  

“I feel that the best leaders are approachable and show empathy. They realise that they cannot achieve their goals alone and this drives them.”


Organisations lead by a great leader will feel huge benefits. Leadership isn’t all about improving staff morale, it can also create great rewards to businesses, such as enabling strong growth. A good leader will bring enthusiasm into the workplace, motivating people to work harder and become loyal. Loyalty is difficult to build and easy to lose. A good leader will develop a team of committed employees. The benefits above are only the tip of the iceberg, and much more can be gained.

– Enthusiasm

– Motivation in the workplace

– Confidence

– Enabling the business to develop stronger internal ties

– Loyalty within the team

– Strong company culture


Paul Manivannan (Founder at R2R People) 

“The Leader in any business must be the ‘North Star’, the shining light of what that business signifies and aspires to be.”

 “A business without true leadership lacks the ability to work autonomously and is often paralyzed during times of high pressure.”

“A well lead business often appears to sail through its turbulent periods because its people feel secure, supported, and empowered to make decisions in the best interests of the business – This is a sign of true leadership!”


This blog has taken an in-depth look at leadership from different perspectives. Even with the contrast in views, the same themes reappear throughout the blog. If you’re reading this blog and have a different opinion on leadership or feel some traits/ themes have been missed, we would love to hear them.


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